Notes Beautiful Iceland

I've always had a thing for Iceland. Don't know why but I've always had plans on going there but somehow, those plans never got all the way through to lift off. This summer I had an op­por­tun­ity to go there.

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Notes There is no pink light

Apparently, there's no pink light. And it's devastating! No pink light? What to do, where to go? Oy vey…

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Notes Adobe launches Muse beta

My initial thoughts on the first release of the Adobe Muse beta. I was very skeptical at first, but then again, on second thought…

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Notes What’s going on

A brief update on what is and what is not happening in this so called life of mine.

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Notes Quora signup

Quora is a place to ask questions and get answers based on different topics. As a user you partake in answering, reading and voting up a good answer and making that answer more relevant.

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Notes An error page

Inspired by the concept of writing micro copy on your website, I decided to improve my error 404 page. That is when a page or file does not exist. Hopefully a page you'll never see.

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Notes I am in London

It has been off to a good start. Living in the very central of London with just a 10 minutes walk to work and I'm feeling a tad spoiled.

One of the new impressions—and expenses—was the iPad 2 I bought while I still was a bit drunk. But I do love the new iPad.

The experience so far has been really good. The first week was filled with a lot of new impressions to embrace. New city, new colleagues and a new apartment. During the second week I really started to get into the product and made my first appearance in the community. With a great reception. All good. The third week has been filled with working on new wire frames for the new version. Very excited.
Trying to document my life in London as time goes, and I've uploaded some to my London Flickr set. Please enjoy!

Notes I’ve got my internship

After a couple of hectic weeks with finishing the portfolio, finishing another module at Hyper Island and start applying for an internship I finally arrived.

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Notes New website

Not much has happened on this website during the beginning of this new year. I've really been busy working on the portfolio.

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Notes My 2010

It's that time of the year, looking back on my life and summarizing what ever happened during the year 2010.

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