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I've had this domain since 2003 without not so much more than a "Hello and hi" on a first page. For the last couple of years I've been working with various design mockups without ever releasing anything.

This is the kind of post where I get a chance to bragg just a little. As stated above and in my first blog post, it's been a while without anything really existing on this website. It's been a lot of temporary mumbo jumbo. The classic issue with the cobbler's children not having any shoes. I've actually saved a lot of the temporary sites, all can be viewed in the archive.

Summary of the first year

After releasing the website a couple of design and CSS blogs linked to the website and I got some traffic.
Releasing the photo blog during April was also sort of a success. A lot of design blogs wrote about it and people were impressed. All made with javascript at first and later improved using CSS3 Transitions.
During the summer I became semifinalist in Adobe Design Achievments Award, making it into the top in Browser Based Design among 4605 submissons over several categories. Also a lot of fun.
Lastly, the site just recently got featured in .net Magazine's "20 CSS websites that rocked 2011", making me very proud being listed with the likes of Apple and Google+.