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In schools and at workplaces there is a constant pursuit to work in groups as often as possible. As if this is the ultimate and only way to work for each individual.

Group work can be a very effective way to work. In schools and at the work place, the common perception is that all individuals benefit from working with others in a group. In a TED-talk from Susan Cain talks about "The Power of Introverts", Susan talks about the importance of letting introverts be in an environment where they can have a chance to truly be creative. Different people require different kind of inputs to trigger the mind. I think this specifically is important in a educational context where each indiviual has his or her own agenda for the course. In a random constellation, what will the end result be in a group were where different students aim for the highest and lowest grade?

The Hyper methodology

At Hyper Island, group dynamics is one of the learnings you'll take from the education. I think this approach is very important but Susan's talk sheds light on the problem that we're all induvuduals with indivudual needs.
In any line of creative work, my humble opinion is that the power of numbers usually reflects the end result. Hence, within a limit, the more views on a certain problem you bring to the table the better the solution. That doesn't mean you have to think as a group all the time. There is room for individual thinking and I think both schools and others institutions schould talk about this.


Susan also talks about that it's eqaully important that an extrovert personality learn to work as an introvert as much as it's important for an introvert personality to work as extrovert.
"Stop the madness for constant group work."
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