Notes Beautiful Iceland

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I've always had a thing for Iceland. Don't know why but I've always had plans on going there but somehow, those plans never got all the way through to lift off. This summer I had an op­por­tun­ity to go there.

Beautiful nature.

I spent about three days on Iceland and rented, together with two friends, an apartment in Reykjavik via Airbnb. Cheap, placed close to city centre and very friendly host made it really easy. My impressions of Reykjavik wasn't that impressive, but considering I've just a couple of days there I can't really be in a position to judge. I need to go there once more—at least—and for a longer period.

The nature is beautiful though and everywhere feels like a perfect spot for a photo. Next time I'll stay for longer time and be prepared to go on hikes.

More of the beautiful nature.
Grotta lighthouse in Reykjavik.
Walking along Vesturgata with all the charming houses.