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Quora is a place to ask questions and get answers based on different topics. As a user you partake in answering, reading and voting up a good answer and making that answer more relevant.

I signed up for Quora just recently. Why? Well, I do usually jump onto any train leaving the web startup station, any new service that is trying its wings for the first time. And I most certainly think Quora is an interesting concept. It just did not need yet another service to be obsessed with. Like Twitter. Or Facebook. But here I am. I've signed up. But the purpose is more to see the experience of signing up and how they'll handle me as a new user. And from my perspective, when I sign up with Twitter, I think it is pretty interesting.

When you sign up you automatically get a couple of topics, probably based on who I follow on Twitter and what topics they follow. For me this was spot on—I got a lot of topics based around interactive design. That's just perfect. The bad thing is that my Quora experience very much resolves around one of my biggest interests and there's no really good way to get into other Q & A's that might be interesting. I need to actively search for the topics. But when you're in it's pretty easy to go from question to question, in an sort of never ending loop.

Basically, using Twitter to sign up for Quora I automagically start following the same people I follow in Twitter. That made me having about 30 people that I follow on Quora, and suggested me lots of relevant topics. Now I just have to find the not so relevant but yet so interesting topics myself.