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A brief update on what is and what is not happening in this so called life of mine.

Yes. It's been a while. No excuses. I'm not prioritizing this website at all. Many reasons, but I'm not going to trouble you with any of it. Things have happened on both a professional and a personal level. Enough said.

This is where I work nowadays, at Ninetech.

But I feel should definitely give you an update what's going on in my life. I June I moved back from London to Stockholm, graduated from the interactive art director programme at Hyper Island and now I'm working at as an interactive art director at Ninetech.

The spring has been pretty intense. I was offered a job in London at the same time I was offered a job in Stockholm. And if you've read this far you pretty much know where I ended up.

I had a chance to shoot some photos on Iceland. Have a look at my Iceland photo set on Flickr.

The summer has pretty much been filled with full time work all day long and spending quality time with family and friends back home. I went on a three day mini vacation on Iceland, and had a short but intense chance to experience the incredible nature of the island. Definitely going back. Prepared.