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Inspired by the concept of writing micro copy on your website, I decided to improve my error 404 page. That is when a page or file does not exist. Hopefully a page you'll never see.

Even though I consider all copy to be copy, just as I consider all design to be design and all the details together makes the design. No one is talking about micro design in the visual world, right? But that is another discussion for another day.

Here you'll find the microcopy group on Flickr. And while you're at it, visit my Flickr and give me some feedback on my photos.

Anyhow. Inspired by the micro copy group on Flickr, I decided to improve my error page on this website. To present it based on the concept that it is the end of a relationship. And you, as a user, are not to blame—it's all about the errors within the content management system. Visit the 404 error page.