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I've been working on a re-design of the site since a couple of months back. A slow progress. Loads of improvements I want to do and I thought I'd share my thoughts and what meets the criterias for a re-design.

This site was born out of one of the courses during my Interactive Art Director adventure at Hyper Island: the portfolio module. With a deadline hanging over me during school, some drawbacks had to be done and they're mostly technical. After that, the internship had its course, then there was the "back to work"-phase with new and old clients and finally a couple of side projects to keep the creativity going. But enough of this blaming everything else.
What's next

Here's an outline of what's in the cookie jar, things that's not really working as they are right now:

  1. The reading experience in the weblog is not perfect. Not that I'm ever looking for perfect but at least I'm looking to change from light on dark and instead doing dark on light. Since the design looks the way it does, I had to do an overall re-design.
  2. The CMS had no good blog tool. And now it does. Yes, I should have choosen one with better support for blogging but I wanted flexibility and that's what MODX provides.
  3. Exploring the site across sections. There's no good way of breaking out of the silos.
  4. The possibility to art direct (or decorate, if you prefer) certain sections is something I'd like to add.
  5. Part of the website is out of date, merely 'cause a lot of it is hard coded. No more, my friends. No more.
  6. Responsive design. Just has to be mentioned. How will I approach this? And what better way than with a re-design of my own site.

So when will all this launch. Well, soon. Pretty soon. Since it's such a big re-work I've decided to start from a fresh CMS installation. Moving documents to the article, doing all the redirect and finally setting the design takes some time to do. But we'll get there.