Notes Give 'Em Enough Rope

Rope in the shape of two V

A rope in the shape of two V.

A quick illustration for a friend. A rope in the shape of two V. I wouldn’t mind if Illustrator took some inspiration how Béziers curves work in Glyphs app.


Notes Hitting two exciting web trends

Being listed in an article like "10 exciting web design trends you can’t hide from in 2019" is a boost to the ego. At the same time, trends within web design rapidly occur everywhere. This part of being a trend, where others impulse to blindly follow, makes it less exciting. Focus on the purpose with the design. Be inspired by a trend if that solves your problems.

However, I still appreciate the link and mention Amber.


Notes Logotype for Smiling Workplaces

With a subtle wink at Microsoft …

In October – in a hit-the-ground-runnin’ kind of project – I helped Smiling Workplaces with a logo. A consult agency focusing on software solutions within the workplace, using products and technology from Microsoft.


Notes Tranemo typeface

Tranemo, a typeface work in progress from Andreas Nymark.


Notes First favourite typeface

As far as I can remember, ITC Officina Serif was my first favourite typeface. Until I was 19 years old, I used typefaces that was pre-installed on my Windows computer. I mostly made websites, with Verdana, Tahoma, and Arial as the only tools I could use.

In school, studying design, my views broaden. We read the book Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works by Erik Spiekermann, my first introduction to type design. And somehow, Officina Serif caught my eye. And typography caught my attention.

I still have a soft spot for slab serifs.

ITC Officina Serif, by Erik Spiekermann. My first favourite typeface.

What was your first favourite typeface?


Notes 20 px vs. 20 px

So, which one is it? Font size is 20 pixels for the regular weight on each row to the left. And font size on bold is (or maybe should be) 20 pixels on what row to the right?

Font size 20 pixels?


Notes Slab No. 1 again

About three years ago, I started working on one of my first typefaces. Released on Github as an open source type face, Slab No. 1 got a regular weight. I worked on it regularly pretty much until I attended Type@Paris in 2016. Then I got busy designing other typefaces. Now I’ve slowly started fixing some curves here and there. Looks like it’ll be a total remake.

(Yes, spacing is a bit generous. Work in progress. )


Notes Logo for Sundin Bulk

Creating a new logotype for a business is one of my favourite challenges to do. Here’s a recent one I did for Sundin Bulk, a two people haulage contractor. With…

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Notes Behind the scenes

This website is managed by Kirby CMS, running on a Linode server with Runcloud installed. Images and assets are on KeyCDN. The source code is in a private Bitbucket repository, set up with automatic deployment. I’ve written every line of HTML and CSS myself, and almost all of the javascript. According to a quick Pingdom-test, the site loads in 455 ms from Stockholm. Faster than 97% of the tested websites. (Yes, the numbers are worse from other locations, e.g. 2 690 ms from California.)

Yes, I like these nerdy details.


Notes Case video for Good Guys Brew

I did a short case video for the Good Guys Brew website.