Work UI/UX for Wrapp

graphic design, digital
UI-/UX-design consultant at Wrapp.

Wrapp is an app giving users personal rewards based on shopping behaviour. By connecting a bank card, a loyal customer is rewarded with cash from their favourite brands.


In the beginning of 2018, Wrapp launched a total re-brand by design agency Kurppa Hosk. I was hired as a part of the team to help translate and maintain the new brand in the two products.

On-boarding a user in the app. To help understand and use the service.
Updated design for the app. Reducing the use of repeated elements and creating more consistency. New components to create a more varied visual language.
Working with the business portal, a place where brands create and maintain campaigns. Entirely new design based on the new brand.
Use of animation to communicate states and emphasise e.g. error.

My role

Hired as a interim UI-design resource, I worked with UI/UX for the app and the business portal. My work focused on maintaining and expanding on the design.

For the business portal I created the design, together with an underlying design system. Components that are easily re-used throughout the portal.

Numbers overlapping to show optical corrections
Optical corrections on the Wrapp numbers. Designed by Kurppa Hosk.

I also produced and made optical corrections for the number font, used as an key part of the identity.