Work Visual design for Brillbee

illustration, digital
Brillbee is an online course platform from Bonnierförlagen.

Brillbee is an online course platform from Bonnierförlagen. The range of courses targets “the aspiring do-er”. It often circle around a well-known expert within the specific area.

Each course is often an extension for one of the books released by Bonnierförlagen.

I designed illustrations for each category. Intended use on diplomas.


I worked as a visual designer in the project. I helped bridge the gap between the user flows, the new brand and the on-going development of the platform. I did the visual design for the initial launch, in collaboration with agency F&B Factory. User experience design and course methodology was done in-house.

Design concept

The target audience for Brillbee are people attending a course for the experience, as a hobby. The name is sprung out of "being brillant" and sets a direction for tone of voice, color, and typography.

My role

I worked together with an in-house UX-designer at Bonnierförlagen. I was responsible for the visual design.