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Sample text for Klaravik Sans
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Bespoke typeface for Klaravik

Klaravik is Sweden's largest marketplace for used machines, tools and vehicles. 300,000 registered bidders, thousands of new items every week and a visitor number exceeding 2.5 million every month. In addition to Sweden, Klaravik operates in Norway, Denmark and Poland.

All weights for Klaravik Sans
Sample text for Klaravik Sans
Weights and sample character for Klaravik Sans
All characters for Klaravik Sans


The need to have its own neutral expression and something that solve problems with licensing costs in multiple markets and on different platforms. By investing in a bespoke typeface, Klaravik cuts future cost.


Based on a few selected central letters, me and Sofia Florén – art director at Klaravik – came up with an expression that is then reflected in all the characters in the font. Via weekly summaries and online meetings, Klaravik was able to follow and provide feedback on how the work progressed.