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Back and front of several beer cans from Good Guys Brew
Good Guys Brew
graphic design, packaging
Graphic design for beer brewery.

Good Guys Brew is a craft brewery from Sweden. Founded in 2015, the brewery has in just a few years become a popular name among breweries in Sweden.

Back, front, and detailed view of the beer Swheat from Good Guys Brew
Back, front, and detailed view of the beer Freaky Teeth from Good Guys Brew


In recent years the craft brewing market has exploded. The challenge for Good Guys Brew is to be different in a crowded market. But also in a way that’s easy to replicate. To create a design easy to recognise while at the same time easy to expand on many products.

Design concept

Being progressive and keeping a consistent quality is a hard act to play. The design aims to communicate this balance, where every ingredient plays an important role. The logotype stands as a guarentee of quality and is always the focal point of the label.

My role

An on-going collaboration, where I’m the responsible graphic designer. I do everything from beer labels, printed materials and website.