Work Svedala typeface

graphic design, type design
A typeface designed during Type@Paris 2016.

Svedala is a type family attempting to reflect the contrast between the two major seasons in Sweden, winter and summer. With inspiration from the national typeface — Sweden Sans by Söderhavet/Stefan Hattenbach — I designed a serif version and two display weights.

Showing a text set in the typeface Svedala Vardag
Back and front of type specimen for Svedala

Sommar is a display weight reflecting the casual, warm and light summer days. Vinter is a display weight reflecting cracked ice, snow and darkness. Vardag works well with both display weights and is used for paragraphs in smaller size.

Text set in all the weights; Svedala Sommar, Svedala Vinter, Svedala Vardag

Special thanks to Jean François Porchez, Mathieu Réguer, Julien Priez, and Xavier Dupré.