Work Portsgroup

graphic design, digital
Web design for Portsgroup

Portsgroup provide clients with comprehensive brand protection services. Tailor-made solutions that include a dedicated customer team providing quick support and advice for proactive management of trademark assets.


In the middle of a re-brand, Portsgroup was looking for a designer to help challenge the design for the upcoming website, to better align with the launch the brand.


Portsgroup had worked internally on both wireframes and the final design, but felt the alignment with the new brand was dissenting. I was hired to challenge the design.

We worked in an iterative process with tight feedback rounds, including decision-makers.

My role

As an external partner with fresh eyes and knowing only about the new brand, I was in a good position to challenge it. Working with three different design concepts – all motivated by various parts of the new brand identity – to finally end up in a single design path.