Work Munters

Munters (Nansen)
One global website for 30+ markets

Munters’ vision is to be a world leader in energy efficient solutions for air treatment and climate control. Founded in 1955, today operates in a wide range of industries. The largest being the food, pharmaceutical and datacenter sectors. 


To gather all product information in one place with one website for all 30 markets. Geographical customised content and contact information. And presenting a width of complex products, unique for each customer.

Focus on case studies to present innovative solutions.


With 27 stakeholders scattered around the world, we createed a clickable prototype in HTML, designed through iterations. This helped us in presenting the concept and getting the right feedback, keeping all stakeholders up to speed.

Design concept

Focus and emphasis on case studies to present products and solutions. Reveal the people behind the solutions, for a more human first impression.

My role

Together with the team at Nansen, I was a part of developing the concept, building the prototypes in HTML/CSS/javascript, and doing the visual design.