Work Earth Bite

Two bars from vegan brand Earth Bite
Earth Bite
graphic design, illustration, packaging
Logotype and packing for vegan brand

Earth Bite is founded with a vision to create a more sustainable world. Products are animal friendly and contain pure ingredients straight from earth.

Front and detail of the Acai & Raspberry energy bar from Earth Bite
Front and detail of the Ginger & Lemon energy bar from Earth Bite


Earth Bite has a very clear long-term vision. For 2017, the aim was to launch its’ first products; three vegan energy bars. With plenty of inspiration, the challenge was to find a graphic design to help support their vision.


I was hired to design a family of energy bars, along with boxes. Initially, I was asked to challenge the design they already had. We worked through several mood boards and iterations of the packaging before the client decided for a final direction.

My role

I illustrated and designed the packaging for the three energy bars—and the containing boxes-that launched in 2018.