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As with every other nerd, the tendency and urge to “correct” things you consider is strong. Well, I decided to do a little 30 minute exercise. At the same time educate and spread my views and opinions.

The logotype for fashion company NA-KD is one that’s been nagging me a bit too much. With a max of 30 minutes, I decided to improve on the things I consider the most obvious. Only focusing on the logotype.

Original NA-KD logotype, © NA-KD. Highlighted here are the areas I’m going through in this post.

My improvements

Since this is a short exercise, I’m only highlighting the most obvious mistakes. The logo is not consistent, varies in optical weight and lacks optical compensation.

Separating the angled stroke from the stem, to avoid the horizontal line created.

With not being consistent, I mean that the top of the A should be in line with how the top/bottom of the N looks like. Since the A is more unique, I decided to incorporate that in the N.

I’m also not a fan of the horizontal line created on the K, between the stem and diagonal strokes. The touching-not-touching part. With a bit of distance, it looks a little better.

To make it more balanced I’ve also made N, K, and D more narrow. And the A is slightly wider.

The end result is a more coherent, balanced logotype. Each character looks related to each other. The whitespace between and within each character is also better balanced, but not perfect.

With my improvements, the NA-KD logotype could look something like this instead. The width of all the stems and strokes aren’t perfect, but I had a limit of 30 minutes.

I hope this gave you some useful information, and some practice on how to look at the details.

Bare in mind. This is an non-solicited re-design. It’s easy to look at things from the outside, like I’ve done. I haven’t been in the room, taking part in any discussions. Sometimes, the client is very decisive. Other times, the end result as intended. I hope I haven’t offended any designer, my intentions is not to make anyone feel bad. If so, please let me know.