Notes Slab No. 1 status: 2

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I am currently designing my first typeface, the open-source font Slab No. 1. Here you’ll read about the process and the reasoning behind.

For the first couple of weeks it’s been a lot about getting the basics right. I’m fairly new working with Glyphs, so I’m slowly getting the grips around stuff.

Original Chunk compared to Slab No. 1.

So far I’m happy with /H, /L, /A, /Å, and /N. I had some issues with /N to balance a larger lower counter compared to a smaller upper counter.

A special twist is added on the /Å since I’m both keeping the upper serif and making the ring a part of the letter. I don’t see that to often so it might be a nice flavour.

HLÅNA is not a word in Swedish, but I’m happy with how the /Å ended up. For now.

All on Github

If you’re interested or just want to feedback, the .glyphs-file is available on Github and I regularly push new updates. Slab No. 1 on Github.