Notes Basic latin Slab No. 1

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I am currently designing my first typeface, the open-source font Slab No. 1. Here you’ll read about the process and the reasoning behind.

A minor update now that basic latin of Slab No. 1 is fairly done. I’m working on punctuation and will soon go head first with the numbers.

Later I need to go back to the black weight and make minor design adjustments to better align with the regular weight. My regular weight has a two storey /g and minor changes on /R and /Q.

Open source on Github

If you’re interested in helping out or just want to feedback, the .glyphs-file is available on Github and I regularly push new updates. As soon as punctuation and numbers are finished, I’ll generate installable files and release a version 0.1. Slab No. 1 on Github.