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Five friends, almost two and a half weeks and about 2 500 miles in a Dodge Caravan going from Los Angels to San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Working in Sweden, you’re blessed with at least 25 paid vacation days. I’ve got 30 days and this summer I spent the bigger part of my vacation driving around California and nearby states, together with four friends. With my camera always at an arms length, I snapped a couple of photos during this wonderful trip. The full set can be viewed on here.

Santa Monica — This guy was simply dancing in front of a car. I just love the way this got sort of framed, snapped from the backseat.
Highway 1 — Early morning in Santa Monica.
Ocean Front Walk —Santa Monica.
Overlooking LA — One of my favourite pictures from the trip. Pretty amazed by the size of Los Angeles.
Shooting from the car — With so much to see, a lot of photos had to be shot from the car.
Alcatraz — Walking around in The Presidio of San Francisco.
The Presidio — San Francisco.
Oakland Bay Bridge — Living in the shadow of its famous sibling.
Oakland Bay Bridge — San Francisco.
Bouchaine Vineyards —Napa Vallye. If my memory serves me correct, this was Pinot Noir in the making.
Muir Woods — just north of San Francisco.
Half Dome — Yosemite National Park.
Death Valley — the lowest, driest, and hottest area in North America was an experience. We had about 125 °F/52 °C on this day.
Las Vegas — But of course.
Dodge Caravan — our humble servant throughout the trip.

The full set is available on Flickr.