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After a couple of hectic weeks with finishing the portfolio, finishing another module at Hyper Island and start applying for an internship I finally arrived.

Playfire is a social gaming networking website for gamers. They are looking for more people, maybe you should join?

I'm doing my internship where I never thought I would do it. I didn't even know about the place, but a couple of e-mails, phone calls and a visit to Stockholm later and I'm joining the Playfire team to do my internship as a interface and user experience designer. It feels really good, I'm excited and I got the feeling that Playfire is as exited as I am. This means I'm moving to London from around the 18th March and any help finding accommodation is very much appreciated. The internship is for three months so I'll go back to Sweden the 15th June to graduate from Hyper Island Interactive Art Director. Good times!