Notes I am in London

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Pretty soon it has been three weeks for me in London. So far so good. I've become a bit familiar with the London territory and I'm having a really good time at Playfire.

It has been off to a good start. Living in the very central of London with just a 10 minutes walk to work and I'm feeling a tad spoiled.

One of the new impressions—and expenses—was the iPad 2 I bought while I still was a bit drunk. But I do love the new iPad.

The experience so far has been really good. The first week was filled with a lot of new impressions to embrace. New city, new colleagues and a new apartment. During the second week I really started to get into the product and made my first appearance in the community. With a great reception. All good. The third week has been filled with working on new wire frames for the new version. Very excited.
Trying to document my life in London as time goes, and I've uploaded some to my London Flickr set. Please enjoy!