Notes Give positive feedback and help the person to grow

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We tend to forget the importance of giving each other positive feedback. Good feedback gives confidence and when we have a good confidence and believe in ourselves, we also become better at doing everything else, as a positive side effect.

Currently, as some of you might know, I'm attending Hyper Island, a digital media school educating the future digital natives for the industry. But what differs Hyper Island from other schools is in the way they educate the students in group dynamics. We talk a lot about feedback, both giving and receiving.

A couple of weeks ago I spent three hours together with my working group and we were focusing on conflicts within the group and talking about the positive qualities in each of us. This was a great tool to and somewhat of an unusual approach, because we as humans tend to only focus on what we need to improve instead of talking about what we are really good at.

When you give positive feedback to someone you help that someone feeling good about themselves and with that positive feeling the beneficial side effect is that you will get better at everything else you do. It's all about confidence. And it's so easy to forget.