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Well, after all too many years I finally got my shit together and published some sort of online presence, something more than just a page. It’s been in the making for the last two years, just never got satisfied with the visuals.

I’ve had this space online for around nine years now. Nine years without ever really having any kind of content on this site, more than just a “Hello my name is…”. For the last five years—for sure—I’ve had plans for this, making something more, but with every new design there has been a process of re-designing it just one more time. Finally I decided to go simple and let it evolve over time.

So what can you expect to read about here? Well, maybe not so much about my personal life—I’m focusing on writing about design, digital concepts, interactive experiences and everything in between. I do enjoy making things so you’ll probably find some CSS or jQuery examples or tricks. From time to time there will surely be things about my personal life, but don’t expect it to often.

One of the first thing you usually learn to program is the “Hello World!” example; hence the title. Read more about it on Wikipedia.

The purpose is to share my reflections and keeping them over time. I’m really bad at reflecting, or at least I’m bad at remembering things. I hope this can change that. And hopefully you’ll find some kind of pleasure reading this as well.

The site is also my first attempt with MODx CMS, a great little tool. I’m no expert so there can probably be some glitches here and there, please tell me about them if you encounter any.