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This is a concept we made for Sveriges Radio as an assignment at Hyper Island Interactive Art Director. The assignment was to take website to the next level, while still keeping the core concept and key values of Sveriges Radio.

The process was based on user research and finding three core questions and user needs where we could take the site to the next level.

Our concept for Sveriges Radio

Our concept was based on bringing the content closer to the user. Today Sveriges Radio divides the content based on the different channels, making relevant content hard to find. As an user you need to know the different profiles of the channels, making it even harder for the user.

The concept is based on these four bullets:

  • The user in focus—the user controls the listening experience.
  • It is all about the content, everything is available and it is up to the user what to listen to.
  • Promoting exploration—it is all about finding interesting content across channels, relevant to the user.
  • User involvement—the site lives for the user and the user fills the site with life.

The user is in focus and in control of the content and decide what, when and where to listen to radio online. The content is closer related to each other and their is no need to categorize content in the structure based on the channels. We are taking radio one step closer to the user and making the user feedback go hand in hand with the content as you listen. The site is the personal player—it is your radio on your terms.

A new radio player

We also made a concept for the online radio player. It is supposed to be a social place, as well as giving the user total control over content.

Within every show users listen to, all the content is tagged and they can easily skip a certain part they don't like. If it is that song users don't like, they easily just skip it. Skipping ahead gives the user control over the content, just like jumping a chapter on your DVD.

We also put comments in a relevant context; it is based on putting the comments from the users on the timeline, where the actual discussion belongs. Bringing users together, discussing in front of the radio.

The project was made together with the Interactive Art Director students Patricia Varella, Tobias Bergdahl, Anna Andersson and John Martinsson.