Uppdrag Grafisk design för Good Guys Brew

Good Guys Brew
grafisk design, illustration, förpackning
Re-designed beer labels for Swedish beer brewery.

Good Guys Brew is a craft brewery from Sweden. Founded in 2015, the brewery has in just a few years become a popular name among breweries in Sweden. For 2021, a new approach to design of each label was decided.


In recent years the craft brewing market has exploded. The initial beer labels designed for Good Guys Brew worked in the beginning, as a way to save money and focus on brewing the best beer. With a great confidence in the standard range, a new way to attract more customers was needed.

Design solution

Beer labels are an important part of … to be visible in the shelves. With the new design, Good Guys Brew as a brand takes a step back and each beer is it’s own brand, while keeping the same traits across all cans.